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Karakuri Gold

Karakuri Gold

Elevate your cutting experience with sophistication and precision. These shears boast a luxurious gold color coating, combining style with functionality. Crafted for exceptional sharpness and durability. Enhance your cutting precision and make a statement with our Gold Color Coated Karakuri Shear – where craftsmanship meets elegance in every cut.


     Shipping takes 6-8 business days

    Shipping fee $20


     7 day return policy


     Lifetime warranty

    100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Testimonials

    "The Gold Color Coated Karakuri Shear has brought pure joy to my clients and me. Its luxurious gold coating not only adds style but also reflects the exceptional craftsmanship of these shears. Every cut is now a delightful experience, and the happiness on my clients' faces speaks volumes about the elevated cutting precision and elegance these shears bring to my salon."   - Bradley (A-list Studio)

    "These gold shears changed the game for my haircuts. Extreme sharpness in every cut! Just pure awesomeness!"  - Jenna (Salon V)

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