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Satisfied hair-stylists with brand new shears

Brenna, Ame Salon

" Over the years, I've tried numerous shears, but this one truly stands out. The three-dimensional designed micro slits make cutting a breeze and an unmatched sharpness and stability. It's become my go-to for both dry and wet hair. The Microslit is the best shear I’ve ever held!”    
Hairstylists with sharp scissors

Bradley, A-list Salon

"The Gold Color Coated Karakuri Shear has brought pure joy to my clients and me. Its luxurious gold coating not only adds style but also reflects the exceptional craftsmanship of these shears. Every cut is now a delightful experience, and the happiness on my clients' faces speaks volumes about the elevated cutting precision and elegance these shears bring to my salon."   
Sharp hair cutting scissors

Kim, Lotte Salon

"The joy sparked by the Microslit is beyond words. Every haircut feels like a masterpiece, thanks to its three-dimensional design that effortlessly elevates precision and style. I can confidently say this shear has transformed my hair-cutting routine, leaving me genuinely thrilled with the results."  
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