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Fujisan Thinning Shears

Fujisan Thinning Shears

The Fujisan thinning shear has two revolutionary designs that will help keep your customer’s hair healthy.

When your thinning shears are in a closed position you can’t slide through hair because it will get jammed and damaged.

However, our Fujisan thinning shear was built with custom grooves on one side of the blade that help hair slide through easily. So, you can experience zero stress when cutting in all directions.

The other major factor for maintaining hair health is the shape of the body of the teeth. The Fujisan thinning shear is built with rounded corners that help hair move between the teeth smoothly which will eliminate the risk of hair damage.

This shear was perfectly made to experience smooth cutting and prevent hair damage!


     Shipping takes 6-8 business days

    Shipping fee $20


     7 day return policy


     Lifetime warranty

    100% satisfaction guarantee