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How Your Sharpener Is Changing Your Shears Original Design

What is costing hairstylists in the long run?!

You gain a false sense of security when focusing on the temporary sharpness of your shears. There is a problem you are unaware of that is costing hairstylists in the long run.

Katana edge will focus on solving this problem and we will reconstruct your shears to their original state and purpose.

Our team of master Japanese craftsman have developed and spent years of editing and improving the number one proven method of sharpening that will not only keep your blade sharp but maintain a structure that will prolong the life of your 

The Two Distinct Edges On Shears

Convex vs. Bevel Edge

It is most common for sharpener's to turn a convex edge a rounded shape into a bevel edge a straight angle. This diminishes more material than necessary thus leading to a loss of life to the shear.  

Scissors are VALUABLE and often EXPENSIVE, so it is imperative they be sharpened correctly in order to maintain the integrity of the blades and to lengthen the LIFE of the shears.

Yes, it is said that it is virtually impossible to successfully sharpen Japanese shears because of their unique structure that consists of a yanagi edge line (radius of 800) and a convex edge.  Most stylists are not satisfied with the changed form of their blade after sharpening. The Katana Edge sharpening machine has been invented to solve all these problems.

Most sharpeners damage your shear's by ALTERING the blade's INTENDED PURPOSE, due to a lack of skill and knowledge. 

Scissor blades have two different edges. Convex and Bevel Edge

Katana Edge Solution

Most other sharpening methods involve the use of a grinding stone that may result in the destruction of the materials on the blade and shortening the life of the shear's. 

The Katana edge manufactured machine contains fine diamond powder which have been applied to the disks used in sharpening and buffing with the machine. Thus, the materials on the blade remain largely intact.



The Katana Edge sharpening machine is on the cutting edge of the sharpening industry.  It is believed that the current machine, version 5, is the MOST SUPERIOR sharpening product ever made in Japan. and its popularity is growing both in the United States. We faithfully maintain on all shears the original factory edge. If your edge has been altered from a convex edge to a beveled edge, we can restore it completely.

Katana Edge scissor sharpening machine. The finest sharpening product made in Japan.
Whetstone shear sharpening by hand.

Katana Edge will bring the LIFE BACK into your shear's so you can make this world a BETTER PLACE!

We are so confident in our abilities to save your shears that in any case you are unsatisfied there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Paula V. Salon - Jetti P. 

"25 years ago when Kyota came walking into my salon I was in for a treat! I had been upset previously because I got a nice pair of shears as a graduation gift from beauty College, and one sharpening I got done by a company here locally had taken off way to much material on one side of the blade.  Since then I never in 25 years have allowed anyone to sharpen my shears, but Kyota! In this business, shears are like gold you don’t let people mess around with them and you don’t go and let anyone or any company to sharpen them! I started buying shears from Kyota and they are just magnificent they cut beautifully they hold an edge and sharpness. I would never buy another shear from another supplier. Every three months, Kyota sends me a text message and gives me the week to choose from, he is always on time, reliable, and extremely polite and professional! Kyota, thank you for all your hard work and great skills and professionalism over the years. Much appreciated!"

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