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Are you tired of working your 9-5 but can’t find a business to start that doesn’t take months or even years to learn?

Imagine a world where the shackles of your 9-to-5 job are finally broken, where financial freedom and independence are yours for the taking. It's a reality that others have already embraced. 

This is not your typical get-rich-quick scheme. This is a extremely rare and exclusive trade so unique that it's virtually untapped in our country. Forget working for a corporate company for 10 years, its only going to take you 2 days to start making more than your current boss!


You will look back on this forever as your great escape from the system.

Unlocking Your City's Hidden Goldmine

In your very own city and state, more than 200 businesses are desperately seeking a local professional who can not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations. For these businesses, it's not just a service; it's their lifeline. They're willing to pay a premium for someone who can provide more than a solution – to them, you'll be a godsend. So, what's the highly sought-after service that can change your life? It's simple:














Sharpening & Selling High-Quality Scissors for Hairstylists & Barbers










Hair industry business.
Display case of Katana Edge shears so you can make sales and represent Katana Edge line.
High quality Japanese Scissors
Professional Japanese Sharpening

In return for your expertise, you'll gain two of the world's most valuable commodities: TIME AND MONEY.

Let's break it down for you:

 You walk into a salon with five hairstylists, each possessing three pairs of shears that are dull. They excitingly take you up on the skills you wield, you start by charging a modest rate of $40 per scissor for on-site sharpening.


That’s 15 scissors from one shop, $40 per scissor, and in just 1-2 hours work, you'll have pocketed $600.


There are likely over 200 shops in your city alone in need of the exact same service! Plus, every three months, they'll be begging to see you again for sharpening. You'll never run out of work all while being in control of your own schedule!

You will also receive a display case filled with 10 shears, valued at $5,500, courtesy of Katana Edge, with ongoing access to wholesale prices.


So, while you are sharpening their scissors, they will have the chance to use some of the best shears in the world. They wont be able to resist saying goodbye to these revolutionary shears and more often than not will happily invest in your products!


It might sound unconventional to say you sell and sharpen shears to hairstylists, but you'll quickly adapt when you're working on your own terms and earning more than you ever did with your old boss!


How Do I Know This Method Will Work?

Simplicity and Efficiency 

The Katana Edge sharpening machine is designed for easy operation and compact portability– it's about the size of a toaster. While your competitors rely on mailing their shears to distant locations for sharpening, losing valuable business time, you'll be able to operate the sharpening machine right at any salon. You can sharpen each pair of shears you receive in just 10-20 minutes, saving you and your customers time and effort.

Portable sharpening machine.

Industry-leading Quality

Traditionally, it's believed that it takes several years of training and experience to become a master scissor sharpener. However, with just two days of intensive training with Katana Edge president with over 20 years of experience, you'll become the best scissor sharpener in your city. You'll surpass the skills of sharpeners who've been in the business for 10-20 years without a doubt. 

Exclusive Opportunity 

 You will have a service high in demand and a product that is ahead of its time. You will be irreplaceable to these businesses and your city. An opportunity like this only comes once every hundred years! Don’t miss out being one of the first master sharpeners and sales representative in your city. Join us and seize this exclusive opportunity to be a part of the Katana Edge family and revolutionize your career!

Rapid skill Development 

Japanese shears are known for their unique structure, including a Yanagi edge line and convex edge. Most sharpeners fail to satisfy stylists due to changes in the blade's form and a reduction in the blade's body. The Katana Edge sharpening machine is the solution to these challenges. It maintains the Yanagi edge line and convex edge of Japanese shears without degrading the blade's material, thanks to our advanced diamond powder-infused disks.


















Convex and bevel edge, learn the correct scissor sharpening techniques.
Japanese shears

Japanese scissors are also esteemed in the hair industry for their durable steel, known to outlast others. Our shears boast diverse ergonomic designs catering to all hairdresser needs. Whether for 5.5 to 7 inches, dry or wet hair, with swivel handles, or featuring 4 types of texturizing, we ensure no one is overlooked! Nobody will be able to compete with your products!

There will be no one else in your designated city/area using Katana Edge's superior products giving you an easy way to stand out using the highest quality machinery and shears in the United States. Our representatives our leaving their competition in the dust, thanks to the exceptional quality and convenience they offer. They never face a shortage of work. Working on their own schedule they are easily making $1000 in a day.


How To Kick Start Your Own Business!

10 High-End Shears In Your Own Display Case

Your display case valued at $5,500 in retail, these shears, courtesy of Katana Edge, will impress your customers and set you apart from the competition. Having rare and attractive products to sell on top of your in demand service will be extremely profitable.

time and freedom
Katana Edge scissor sharpening machine

Katana Edge Sharpening Machine + Tools/Equipment

The Katana Edge sharpening machine is renowned for industry-leading quality, it is considered the finest in Japan. Efficient and portable this will save you and your customers valuable time. In Japan, a country of 125 million people, only 81 individuals have had access to this revolutionary machine. Those fortunate few have left their competitors in the dust, rising to the top of the industry.

Two Days In-Person Training

Our in-person training takes place at our office with a beautiful view of the ocean on Alki Beach in Seattle, WA. Led by master sharpener Kyota Takahashi, who brings over 20 years of expertise to the table. You'll gain skills, knowledge, and access to equipment that's not available to anyone else in the United States. Once you complete the training, you'll have the freedom and skills to run your own business and be your own boss in your area.

Training session led by owner and master sharpener of Katana Edge with over 20 years of experience in the sharpening trade.
Katana Edge Sharpening machine, the finest product made in Japan.
Whetstone sharpening technique.

Business/Marketing Strategy

Katana Edge promises to maintain continuous communication with you, guiding and ensuring your journey towards success at every turn. Their commitment to your growth is evident, culminating in an invitation for a comprehensive skill evaluation after six months.


You will be given personalized flyers and business cards featuring the Katana Edge logo. This allows you to represent the Katana Edge business, leveraging our established website and social media presence to build trust and reliability with your new customers.  

Katana Edge Logo

However, if you prefer to establish your unique brand or name, our team also provides an option an affordable yet powerful foundation for your online success:

• Custom website design with up to 5 pages

• Responsive design for optimal viewing on various devices

• Contact form integration

• In-depth SEO optimization for maximum online visibility

Holiday Destination

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Future?

For $9,600 you'll unlock our comprehensive package and the potential that provides everything you need to kick start your very own business!


This isn't a path for everyone; it's a journey for those who dream of a life as an entrepreneur and self-employed trailblazer. If you're content with the status quo, if you're not ready to break free from the 9-5 grind, then, respectfully, this might not be your moment. 

But, if you've always known that you were meant for something more, if you've felt the urge to escape the confines of working for someone else and taking control of your destiny, then this is your opportunity.


 Don't let your money gather dust on your screen. You've worked hard for your money, and now it's your chance to use it to regain control of your time and life.


Click the button below and step onto the path that countless others like you have already embraced, redefining their careers, and transforming their lives. We are super excited to meet every one of you!

We want to be transparent – if someone in your city or state is already using our machine and shears, your chances of being selected may be limited. So, don't hesitate; act now, and pave your own way to success!

Noriaki Nagayama, NY

shear sharpening training course testimonial
"Thanks to Katana Edge's sharpening training and representative positions, I broke free from my 9-5 job as a sushi chef, a cycle I once thought was endless. The incredible income I generated in such a short time exceeded my wildest expectations. A decade of prosperity later, I'm living a retirement dream on the beautiful shores of Hawaii. My life's transformation would have been impossible without Katana Edge!"

Kai Takahashi, WA

quitting your 9-5 to become self-employed.
"Working two jobs to cover rent, I found myself trapped in the cycle of trading time for money. I realized I needed a change, an escape from a system that seemed unbreakable. That's when I stumbled upon the opportunity to become a shear sharpener in my city. The Katana Edge training course not only equipped me with the necessary skills but also empowered me to start my own business. Recognizing the high demand for such a skill, I knew I had the expertise and tools to dominate the market. I bid farewell to both my jobs, becoming my own boss and working on my terms!"
Making others happy
Loving shears
Satisfied Customers
Happy stylists
Happy customer
Good results

The time and money are core benefits of this business but making people happy and seeing the joy on their faces is truly invigorating! The difference and impact you create for other people's lives makes this business not feel so much like work but the act of helping others all while living out your life of independence and freedom. The connections you build in the industry are priceless! You are literally changing the world in such a positive way and contributing so much to society which is freeing in it of itself!

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